Wii U Wired Fight Pad Review Samus ( Link Mario )

What's up everyone Daniel here coming at you with another unboxing video just got this bad boy in the mail today from amazon. This is the wired fight pad samus edition now it also comes in other characters like link Wario Donkey Kong peach just name a few but. This is the same as addition because that's all now here's what the package looks like there it is it is also compatible with the wii it's basically a wii pro controller.

It can work with your classic games um any game that takes the classic controller pro it will also you work with that inspired by the original GameCube controller design as you can tell it is made for or well it says compatible with super smash bros for the wii u advertise that way more on that later uh here's the package front sides there it is and there's the back for you guys back here there it is says Metroid up in front let me know there's Samus and of course there's your other designs Mario and Link but let's go ahead and open it up shall we now of course I've already opened it because I wanted to test it out and give you guys a full review um.

Here we go first things first it is definitely in there there's nothing else in there but besides this cardboard the controller and you have instruction thingy which you guys already know how to use the controller.

Here we go first thing is first that you notice is how beautiful the controller looks it's a super shiny it's there there it is shiny on all sides in the back of it is another thing you're gonna notice right away is that it's almost got a rubberized to feel on the back which definitely makes for you know good grip on the controller it just it just feels nice on this back like the it's it's super glossy but rubberized almost as I said then you're going to hold it in your hands as if you were playing and then that's when you're going to start noticing the bad things about this controller it feels weird right off the get-go um the triggers it almost means you have to like kind of Bend your finger like this to hit them which is weird because if you hold it like this no one does you know you're not going to be able to hit with your knuckles.

I don't know you have to bend your fingers to hit that these um the r and the L button up top actually almost get in the way of you because you'll click them sometimes um the buttons themselves are very clunky there you can see that yeah yeah they're just especially the x and the y button very clunky here um it almost feels like it's made by like off-brand but this isn't made by an off brand i do not think because it came in the wii u package but uh analog sticks are very uh you know click back to the center as fast as they can I mean boom boom boom they go right back to the center it almost feels. This is just me being really picky but it almost feels like it's almost more of a distance to travel to hit the side which is weird um that's just me the the d-pad looks amazing i love the gloss finish here of like the turquoise almost Sammis here design the sams logo in the center is beautiful cosmetically if that's where cosmetically. This is a great looking controller I mean it's beautiful both sides uh gameplay-wise is where we were going to get into the super smash bros thing obviously the first thing it did was fired up and since I said it acts like a pro controller it plugs right into there and you just play it you play it like this no rumble feature because it's a pro controller um but there it is you just play like that and when i was playing super smash bros if you are serious smash player like you know us here at game night of course this controller is not going to work for you and you will agree with my review it's just it just feels weird all in all like i said you have to bend your fingers to hit the to hit the block button that is of course if you change it in the settings because deep by default. This is the block buttons these two bumpers here which is weird enough you I mean I don't know you wouldn't play it like that um the jumps like I said buttons are really clunky.

For smash bros it's a definite no-go for me I just I couldn't do it um but a fired-up a game like mario kart 8 i played mario kart 8 and enjoyed it um it was you know it's it's mario kart.

Basically all you need to do is a hit gas and steer it played great ah but but it's just as satisfying on a pro controller or any other controller. This is you know say the least it's almost more satisfying on other controllers.

Basically my review for this controller is quite negative as if you could not already tell it is quite negative not too happy with the gameplay of it or the way you know with the way it plays the way it feels is is nice it's it feels nice but it doesn't feel nice when you're playing it's weird and awkward um but it will make a great great cosmetic display right next to my sama statues and that is where this will go next to my stance sama statues and not to be played with um.

All in all I had to give this thing a review going eh am I going out of 5 I guess a two out of five for the wired fight pad um thank you very much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed take care now bye bye then.

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