Wild Rice with garlic/ onion/ peas and more/ My favorites below!

[Music]. All right, y'all come back. Okay, today I'm going to make some more fun runways I'm going to you know change it up just a little bit I am adding some garlic in there because my husband like garlic and it will be more beneficial for me for my eye to kill the bacteria it's on the inside my body alright.

This right here I ordered I will put this down below you guys I don't know if all wild rice is the same but imitators when you see this one here versus the other video the other one when I made it it was like you know it was good but you have to choose this one here is equivalent to eating the brown rice fluffy fluffy fluffy I'll show you.

This one here is 100% all-natural middle soda cultivated well right and USA yes it can be expensive that's why you don't see it in the store like this because you love pay money.

What I'm going to do I'm going to go ahead and order two more of these the quantity and you get like five threes you can get any full cup out of this here I kid you not now it looks like this. Okay, and I'm gonna have my gloves on.

I'm just going to show you with the spoon it's really fluffy it's actually fluffier than the one I did but what did I do Sunday I took a whole bag I took the whole bag and I soaked it no actually it was um it was sea after the Sabbath later on separate a clock goes up like that Sabbath and like six but took this and I soaked it in water. Okay, get it going and then the next morning I let it soak later earlier on and then later I just eyeballed it aboard it for about an hour I like to cool things especially my beans our goal is for an hour and then it gets let me get my clothes because I wanna see alright I'm going to put it where you can see me and get more light.

You can see this and you're going to see the moisture in this I'm telling you this was.

Good my daughter has some yesterday and I mix it up with some other stuff but today like I said I'm going to try something else and I'm going to have me some red lentils with this here and the salad and then I'm done for today and then I'm going to go back and risk my eye again with my clothes tee now take a look at this look at this it is look at the moisture still in there that is a wonderful thing I'm telling you you guys you have to boil it if you want it like this and you want to you know enjoy it and not chew for 30 minutes or whatever I mean I'm just exaggerating but I'm just saying look how fluffy it is I mean it is really fluffy oh man.

I'll put that link down below you get it on Amazon and you don't have to put the whole bag you take a cup and you really get a lot now. This is just half of what I cook yesterday combined all together I got about look. This is just one cup.

Can you imagine and then yesterday I had another big bowl you can get a lot.

If you plan on feeding you know more than four people then just take one bag of that and cook that whole bag boil it let it sit overnight drain it and then put it on the stove and boil it into gets like this. All right, like I said I'm going to be cooking this here I have two of the cubes now this time the cubes are this one here says vegetable ones. Okay, you don't need salt but for this amount you definitely need at least two i have here some scallions i will be cooking that have some onions here add some garlic here and i have some green bell pepper i'm going to be adding some cumin garlic powder and i have some Italian seasoning and that's pretty much it.

I'm going to stir fry everything here. All right, now 2 tablespoon so. This is 1/8 cup which equals 2 takes them that's it. Okay, you don't know like I said I measure things by hit now I'm going to go ahead before I turn this on and dissolve this into the oil alright once you've done that I'll go ahead and turn this on and also will put this cooktop down below along with the wild rice so. Okay, I'm going to set it on let's see try this going to be four and this gets you know pop pretty quick that's what I love about this here. All right.

I'm going to stir fry the garlic the onion nodding you no dice it too small because I want to be able to taste it just the whole beauty of this goes here.

We're going to get hot green onions and about that I'm going to let this cook now you can't add water or you can close the ticularly and close it and allow the steam to do it that way. Okay, I'm going to close it up and let the steam soften it up this way you can do it this way well alright 50 60 seconds I'm going to add some sun-dried tomatoes we buy them that you know there already will help like this impact of it and I'm going to add some of this into it now I'm going to add in my right wild right now remember keep in mind that your wild rice is gonna have moisture to it.

That's one of the reasons why I did not add water and you've blended together. All right, where you go ahead and add your dryer this one is human and I'm gonna have to go to the Indian market and get me some milanka mix that Italian optional you don't have to and the garlic season two your tape now because there's no salt in the wild rice when I soaked it and boiled it you still use them cubes but you still want to taste it to your taste.

I'm going to taste it to see if I need any because when you have water in a take away from the flavor a little bit hopefully it all blends in but like I said you you you always want to add your salt into your food when cooking right anything perfect. All right, I'm going to turned it down to number two and I'm going to let it all simmer together I want all the flavor to go into the wild rice high no moisture and. This is really fluffy not crunchy and hard none of that because I boiled it yeah. All right, well let's just simmer for about 50 minutes and. All right, it is done now I'd like to take my pee and put it on top now if you buy peed make sure it's frozen I go and get my peas at the Indian market is there something different about that not going to become look here anything like that just blend it all in there.

Make sure you don't use the pan it has to be the frozen one or you're going to have some machine wild price there you have it alright here it is look at that looks foolish fluffy doesn't it that's the way the wild rice supposed to be as far as the texture. All right, I'm going to have me a side salad with this and then I'll miss your lentils for him later after risk because I want to rest mine.

I need to get this you know dealt with.

There you have it it's actually more fluffier hi yes the format people no no. This is really good and try oh I will be putting this down there below. This is the one that I use in the system little bit on the future they have a 25 pound bag of 130 dollars but. This is fine here because I can get Italy to 12 cups if I pull all this roll the building or the filling and.

It becomes like this you can take that one bag one serving along with other shots and feed you get these up six people I'm trying to show you a cup and then use all the rents around it and that was just the first batch half of that I cooked yesterday.

For chef Rose I just wanted to come in and show you another way of doing your wall right just one of many ways we can do a lot of things and even veggie patty mmm not going on next listen.

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