Recently I made a purchase on where's trends website and I figured I'd show you guys like this would be a good I don't know video like people might be interested in.

Let's get started. Okay.

The first product that I got is the low pH good morning cleansing gel or gel cleanser um. This is actually my second tube of this says it's formulated with botanical skin purified ingredients it's a mildly acidic cleanser that works softly to make the skin supple and clear and it is for sensitive skin and is considered a Maureen time closer um I really like this cleanser because it's not too harsh and it doesn't irritate my skin which is a plus because I'm really sensitive skin and it really does not do well with anything that's like harsh and like I don't know like anything's like sodium lauryl sulfate whatever it's called to now go for me this one is really good cleanser it doesn't make your skin feel tight or dry like all of this and that's why I purchased it again next thing our God is the oil-free ultra moisturizing lotion with birch sap these are both actually from a brand called cause RX yeah I really like this brand because it's geared towards people with acne prone skin and there's not a lot of like fillers like they really focused on the ingredients and my skin really appreciate that.


Bottles like this just got a pump which is great um this one contains betula flat oscilla japonica coaching or um birch sap I haven't tried this one before but I know. This is new to their life and I've read a few like reviews that said that this was really good.

I wouldn't try this out I did like um you like a spot test on my arm like last night when this stuff all came in and I haven't had any like reactions anything.

I'm excited to actually like use them for real today see next thing I got well let me do all the par excellence first. Okay.

I got to UM overnight mass or sleeping mask you this one is the ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mass and I got this one because it's supposed to have like a moisturizing but also a brightening effect which is really good because I'm trying to fade my acne scars right now.

Hopefully this will help and be gentle on my skin.

Container looks like this it's really cute i like how simple their packaging is everything is uniform and I appreciate that the next one is the ultimate moisturizing honey overnight Matt and I got this one because um it's honey and I tend to like anything that has honey and it also has propolis extract in beeswax.

It's really supposed to be for hydration and moisture they both come with these little like seals to keep it everything clean and I really like this one because it has like a jelly consistency like I don't know if you guys can see that but like I don't know I think that's cool and he's like I don't know they're like face mask but like they're really um lightweight like they're not too heavy.

I feel like like they wouldn't break you out or like clog your pores anything like that which is good.

That is everything that I got from the cuz RX line to mass um the moisturizing lotion and then the low PH gel cleanser the next one that I got is from a brand coat hmm not sure oh I think. This is actually by Wistrom but it's anyway, it's the pure vitamin C 21.5 advanced Sierra um it's basically yeah vitamin c serum it's 20 1.5% vitamin C paraben free which is really good always look for products that are paraben free and it says non-sticky absorption and after like my skin test last night it is really like light weight and not sticky and I really like that I got this also to fade my acne scars I got a vitamin C serum that was by the brand Claire's their vitamin juice drops seer amount even though that's the right name but I tried that one I really liked it but it was taught me to restock my vitamin C serum and I decided to go with this one because it's supposed to be a higher concentration I think and.

I try this out well you guys know how like it um oh this like kinda like got on a whim it's a comido remover basically you this one is by um skin me.

It's really cute it comes in like this little tube that says skin me.

I own it and then it has just like a I'm guessing like stainless steel stainless steel I'm gonna guess that it is something sterile and um it says skin me.

In a house is cute little like etch design on it and this basically uses to remove like excess sebum and like whiteheads and stuff like that blackheads on your skin.

I've never used one of these before but very interested to see how it works and yeah that's all the stuff that I bought but um wishtrend when you buy stuff from them they stand more samples um.

The first thing I got is a red serum from skin and lab and it says dr. color effects skin protective revitalizing high concentrate yes.

I'm not sure what this does besnik have tried it before but I never liked um looked into the benefits of this serum I don't know maybe I'll review it in something else and then these are from chica e cocoa um they're basically just three different creams that do different things like I think one is like whitening one is for like trouble and then what is just like a moisturizing soothing cream and like I have tried all of these before I really liked it simple I was really excited for is this 21.5 enhancing sheet mask which is like the sheet mask that goes with this vitamin C serum and I thought about buying it but I wanted to see how my skin have reacted to this vitamin C serum first.

It's really cool that they put this in here because I actually wanted to try it and if I like it then of course I'm gonna be hitting up wishtrend again because I did want to try this mask.

Yeah that's everything that i got from wishtrend com um if you guys want me to do a review on any of the products that I mentioned here let me know if you guys want me to show you guys my skincare routine I can also do that and show you the other the other products that I use because there are a lot I have more things that I used from the COS RX lines i really liked it there's also some stuff from claire's and aromatics and i can also review that um yeah that's something you guys are interested in comment down below and let me know and i'll see you guys in the next video.

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