So here we are in my kitchen and we're going to make something spectacular today like not just a virtual DIY boring net spectacular. Okay, and I'm actually really excited because I am starving.

I ordered on Amazon a bunch of giant candy.

We're gonna be testing those out first you know testing them make sure they're not poisonous and then you're going to be making the world's biggest insane candy bar concoction thing that's that's the name of it sounds great right.

The first candy that I'm gonna whip out is the giant York patty you know Nordstrom never my like favorite but they're still pretty good.

We're going to give it a try Wow Wow. This is what I get this. This is what I get nice.

They're supposed to be two patties in here but I'm just seeing one because it got melted and squished and then melted together that's. Okay, because we're just gonna be melting all this stuff together anyways.

It smells bomb no.

Let's take like I wasn't expecting through.

Much to the mid part it was like all men know chocolate but hen it was.

Good. Okay.

I'm gonna put this aside let's eat the next victim.

Here we got a giant Snickers oh my god this literally looks like a giant candy bar well it is my candy bar. Okay, let's try it and take a bite of this Oh. Okay, I feel like I'm going to break my friend teeth off [Music]. Okay, Stella Snickers good put this guy to the side up next we got my favorite candy in the world let me know in the comments down below you pronounce it Reese's or Reese's I pronounce it races sometimes as a Reese's ro weird I wouldn't have any cavities I'm gonna get after going to do oh my god oh my god that is.

Beautiful I have never seen anything.

Beautiful in my entire life if I can bury these I will bury them right now oh. This is freaking beautiful breaking it's breaking minutes breaking although the head was three bites of Zhai table bars and I already feeling on the bounce off the walls put these two bad babies are you. Okay, I didn't mean it I'm sorry.

I saved the best for last. This is the last one and I'm actually extremely happy about that because I don't think I can eat any more candy boom baby the giant Hershey's bar that's right cambrie you. All right, we're gonna use this and here you have it guys this thing is like eight pounds I think five pounds five pounds it says right there five. Okay, beautiful. Okay, I'm just gonna take a little bit of. This is just chocolate yes. Okay.

Now we're going to cut open the York patty and we're going to put it in the pan that's next to me your patty I'm just gonna break it looks like a giant Oreo looks good to me now let's put the Reese's in I'm not going to cut these I'm just gonna hopefully they melt when I cook it in the oven Tom for the Snickers bar last but not least let's put some Hershey's in there. All right, you guys many let's let's put in the oven I'm gonna put the oven on broil.

Hopefully this all MELAS let's hope because I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to cooking. All right, I'm gonna put for 350. All right, is the oven on.

Hold on gonna take this out of here I really hope that it melts like all into like a beautiful melting pot we have placed the candy in the oven it is starting to look.

Good and the receipts are nice and melted the Snickers is not really melted and then the her she's not that multi eat it but the Reese's are first-rate melted.

I'm a little bit worried here because the York Patties are starting to burn but everything else is melting nicely I'm just worried about the York.

Beautiful it's.

Beautiful in the York is like mixing with everything oh my god it's like like a beautiful gumbo.

I'm not going to cook it any longer because I don't want it to get burnt.

I'm just going to you oh my god look at oh it's.

Beautiful just kind of mixing it together but in New York do its magic oh my dude. This is beautiful. This is.

Pretty now I'm just going to swirl the Hershey's a little bit the caramel swirl that around a little bit swirls around beautiful. Okay.

I'm just going to let this sit for a couple hours and cool down and then I'll catch you guys later. Okay, guys.

It is next day and I let my giant candy bar harden in the fridge overnight so. This is what it looks like I didn't really think it through I'm not sure how I'm going to get it out of this pan I guess I'm going to try and use a fork or a knife hopefully just pops out but we got like the beautiful like without the Reese's right here we got the York patty we got the giant Twix right here and then the free space bar and you know it just looks beautiful. Okay, I'm going to try and turn this over and like bang it and maybe we'll just fall out let's see you can see what works nothing yet. Okay.

It looks like the edges are stuck on pretty well.

I'm just gonna like cut a rectangle out and willfully that work look there we go.

It's definitely the Snickers that is making everything stuff oh it came up oh my god that is freaking insane that is.

Beautiful that is definitely all I can eat you know I'm gonna have this in the fridge for a while if you see me the next video and I'm 300 pounds you know why because I ate this whole entire cake bar anyways I'm pretty sure this experiment was successful this was crazy I don't like thought that I was going to burn everything and I I didn't burn it which is good to just melt it all together and look beautiful let me know your favorite candy in the comments down below I love you guys.

Much I'll see you in my next video and give this video a like if you want to try bite of my beautiful masterpiece oh I guess I will see you in my next video bye.

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