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Hello everyone. This is naked yeah buddy gaming and today we're going to be doing an unboxing of the recon 50x headset for the Xbox one by turtlebeach now. This is the base headset in the turtlebeach lineup nothing too fancy nothing too expensive just a basic headset with 40 millimeter drivers mic for chat and a basic volume control all hooked up via 3.5 auxilary nothing too special but I'm not going to be using these to listen to music I just want something I can hear my game through and talk to my friends with.

We're not going to spend too much more time here with the box you've already seen it enough we're just gonna slid it open and as we open up the box we can see it's nicely packaged here safely inside of some cardboard here's the mic component that's something I thought was cool about these headsets is the actual little microphone is detachable and as we pull the rest out of the box alright box is empty nothing more to see there and there you have it there's the headset itself inside of the box we also got this little booklet which I assume contains instructions nothing really worth looking at too much or in too much depth.

The headset itself is a little small but it is adjustable as you can see here looks like it should fit comfortably on most people's heads nice band a soft green material right here to cushion your head and kind of a fake leather as always he's in a real leather but a fake leather material here to comfort your ears well it's on your head all in all looks like it will be fairly comfortable yeah it feels fairly good on my head not much of an issue when it's expanded all the way right down here is the place to plug in the microphone microphone is just a standard 3.5 inch exhilarate in action and of course the mic can be manipulated moved around to. However, you want it while the headphones sit on your head something a little bit different than other turtle beach's i've owned is the connection actually splits two ways from the bottom of the headset not really a huge deal but just something that's a little bit different rather than simply coming out of one side and then if you keep going down that it obviously goes to a single wire the end of that wire is another three and a half inch standard auxilary Jack.

This can be used with either the new xbox controllers that have the jack on the bottom of them already or if you don't have one of those it can be used with the stereo headset adapter which I'm sure many of you already are seeing our review and unboxing of I have it right here as you know it already it also came with this little piece this piece won't be necessary for this setup just because. This is a three-and-a-half millimeter 2.5 millimeter headphone connection converter we don't need that because the one on the adapter and on the new controllers is in fact a three-and-a-half millimeter connection.

It can plug directly into there and be used with your Xbox LAN controller which I now the volume control on here is a little bit more basic than what you might have seen on some previous turtlebeach or other gaming headsets it just has a mute mic on/off button which is always nice as well as a volume slide up here you can actually go in the Xbox settings and adjust how you want your game and chat levels as far as volume are concerned to interact with one another obviously. This is just a first looking at unboxing I do plan on giving these their fair chests and seeing what I really think of them and at that point I'm going to bring you guys a full review right here on the channel.

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