Xbox One -Turtle Beach-Ear Force 50X Stereo Gaming Headset

Hey everybody! its kirchner tech reviews and more with my first official video review video since my name change and I have a package here from Amazon hello we're going to get right into it and open her up. All right, here we got the turtle beach ear force recon sucks gaming hit wired headset where the for my xbox one for being a lil the play games online instead of having to count on my setup that I have now it's just just not working them working right anymore.

They have the connect this box you can get beat up it open it's being stubborn if i connect lately doesn't seem to want to work.

They ordered be done amazon. Okay, comes in the box we got case you have any questions and stuff from turtle beach got the mic there's 10 knots empty and here we have our headset they may be hard to see on here but I mean it's a pretty long cord.

I mean unless you're holding your controller like 10 feet behind you then you have no worries I'll take that off for a second and one thing that is nice is when you're using them they're comfy they fit right over the ears and if you're just watching say a movie youtube something they need Oh on the mic in well that's fine when you're using it you have it your gaming. All right, you're done gaming you want to take it out boom pops out you're done I mean these are these are plastic but they are actually pretty good quality and there I can't really I can't really find a complaint about them I mean I've had turtle beach before. This is my second headset from turtle beach and on top hard to see but as turtle beach there these are very nice i have i have 0 complaints zero complaints what these i'm very happy in like I said it's really convenient that you can plug in and unplug you might as you as you need it I just want to say thank you everybody for watching if you're a new viewer please remember to look to ding that Bell and subscribe and ding that Bell course and if everyone else is please remember to like comment share I mean at all it all means a lot it all helps and I think everybody for your support and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one piece.

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