Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel, 1.01 oz

Hello everybody out here on YouTube it is I hear real beautiful Biddy gonna be doing a product review for you here today on an eye cream and everybody knows how addicted I am to eye creams I always have been I have sinus people's eyes.

I have sinus problems obviously and the skin around my eyes is very dry underneath around it upper eyelid it just always has been.

I've always had to really buy and use eye creams very religiously and I'm very addicted to them typically I love eye creams. Okay.

Let's get started here's an eye cream here that I bought this one about a month ago about a month month and a half ago and I realized when I I bought this online from Walmart. Okay, Walmart calm and I got this in the mail and I realized oh yeah ding dong stooge oh excuse me you have bought this product before you have hated this product before you have thrown this product in the trash before oh my gosh here we go.

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel, 1.01 oz

Another repeat I do this.

Often I either don't recognize the packaging don't remember using the product or I just simply have a memory lapse and repurchase things that I hated oh my gosh I waste my money I cannot tell you. Okay.

Yeah let's get started here. This is the yes to cucumbers a soothing sensitive soothing eye gel.

This one's not really a per se and eye cream. This is an eye gel. Okay.

It's a sensitive skin soothing eye gel yes to cucumbers for soothing tired eyes and deep puffing green tea and it says it's natural 97% natural product dermatologist tested this comes in a 1-1 point zero one fluid ounce. Okay, hmm got a little extra extra bit there usually there are one flew announces but you got one point zero one fluid ounces oh you're getting.

Much more product. Okay, no I'm just I'm being sarcastic I'm totally kidding. Okay, anyhow. This is the box here we're looking at it come in hopefully you can read some of that that's just some good read there on the product it says yeah gently Pat a small amount around the eye area use in the morning to help wake up from tired peepers wake up you're tired peepers and at night to calm and soothe. Okay.

Yeah. This is free of parabens which is great it is petroleum free SLS free no sodium lauryl sulfate paraben free yeah. Okay, all that's really fantastic great and the ingredients seem very nice natural organic it's animal cruelty free product which I love prefer and yeah I really really prefer these products they're not test on animals they're fantastic typically but. This is a terrible product terrible I gel terrible let's see I thought to show you any more specifics about it before we get into the common a complaints and cons of this product. Okay.

Maybe you can see some of the ingredients ingredients overall are fairly natural they're fairly organic somewhat they are better in comparison to other eye gels however. This is a terrible product goes on clear just like a type of aloe gel would. Okay, it goes on the eyes it dries very rapidly and it leaves a thick layer of clear it peels off its kind of like superglue consistency it peels off my eyes it pills up beads beads up and peels off. Okay, it's kind of like the similar to the juice organics eye cream that I previously done a review on that eye cream will do the same it will go on kind of like Elmer's glue. This is kind of like a clear superglue consist to see if you will know moisturization for under the eyes no moisturization for around the eyes I don't know what this business is about it says it will wake you up wake up your type tired peepers your tired eyes that is a load of bull it dried my eyes as a matter of fact underneath my eyes the skin around my eyes it really seemed to dry my eyes out it tightened the skin up in it drying them out not good not good effect at all not sure if I'm gonna stick in there and kiss continuing to use this product or not being that. This is the second time that I have bought this product and. This is a rebuy a goof up on my part I do not recommend it I cannot recommend it does nothing for the eyes at all it does nothing for the puffiness it does nothing for dark circles whatsoever it dries like super glue it beads up pills off and peels off the skin yeah not good dried my eyes out I'm sorry I don't have anything good to say there are no pros to this product all negatives all cons I do not recommend that yes to cucumbers soothing soothing sensitive skin soothing eye gel. Okay, I think. This is a sucky product and it's.

Sad because typically i love i jealous eye creams I serums I'm.

Addicted to them but every now and then you get these products that are a waste of money and so. However, this happens to be one of them. Okay, much love bye.

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