Your Guide to Healthy Bread Making - Breadman Ultimate Video Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of the breadman ultimate now you can have fresh baked breads in your own home anytime without the fuss and mess of traditional baking methods simply measure the ingredients place them in the pan and let the bread man do all the work the bread man will mix need rise and bake your bread it has pre programmable functions.

The bread men will also bake bread while you sleep or work your time is precious and you can have warm fresh healthy bread ready when you want it the bread man ultimate combines the newest patented and versatile features which allow you the flexibility to make the most varied breads cakes special dough's even jam in this incomparable bread maker like a computer this machine has many new programs which you can set up in making your own perfect loaf of bread that's why they call this incredible home bread machine the ultimate at first you may be surprised by the satisfying rich flavor of these healthy breads especially if you're not accustomed to eating whole grain foods the taste and texture are.

Delicious you'll think you've discovered a new food in fact you will find that many of the so-called health breads at the supermarket aren't all that healthy shortening syrups and sugars have often been added to enhance the flavor for many of these breads to claim any food value at all the flour has been enriched with only a few of the 26 essential nutrients stripped from the grain during the milling process when you read the labels of mass-produced bread you will see that most bread flours are enriched with niacin iron thiamine and riboflavin the organic whole grain unbleached unbroken smells and fiber just as nature provided the bread man has been designed with special thought to the health-conscious it allows you to make whole grain natural breads which are high in complex carbohydrates proteins and fiber without unwanted preservatives pesticide residues bleached flour stabilizers or other additives found in mass produced breads with homemade bread you control the ingredients to suit your taste and the personal dietary needs of you and your family in fact with the bread man bread maker not only will you feel good about the great food you were feeding your family you will never need to buy mass-produced bread again as you watch this video manual for the bread man ultimate you'll notice that it's divided into several sections an overview basic baking techniques special features and advanced baking techniques. However, this video is not a substitute for the owner's manual always read the owners manual prior to operating this appliance the bread man ultimate is loaded with features including white bread whole wheat bread loaf size choices 11 and a half and two pound sweet fruit nut and herb breads french batter breads and cakes jam bread dough pizza dough crust color control for light medium and dark settings patented extras dispenser fully random ten minute pause 24-hour delay bake timer removable lid fully adjustable custom program controls baked only with variable temperature control at last but not least five personal recipe settings now let's take a closer look at your new bread man ultimate the ultimat has four major parts the removable lid with steam vent window and a patented extras dispenser the nonstick horizontal baking pan pan handle and kneading blade the inner case with heating element the touch activated control panel which gives you total control of the baking process in a simple straightforward way please read the instruction manual and save it for future reference it has many tips recipes and fully detailed instructions for use of this product pay special attention to the important safeguards and safety tips found on pages 2 & 3 one popular way to use your bread man at home is to use a bread machine bread mix available from the store these mixes are formulated specifically for use in automatic bread makers they come in a variety of whole-wheat multi grain and other blends be sure the mix is for either a one one and a half or two pound loaf for this machine the maximum amount of flour used must not exceed four and a half cups read the instructions carefully and follow the measurements exactly let's show you how easy it is to bake bread first open the lid and remove the bread pan rinse it thoroughly before your first use place the kneading blade into the bottom of the baking pan and firmly fit it on the drive shaft when baking with one of these mixes measuring the correct amount of water is crucial use a measuring cup that is accurate and you trust measure the correct amount of water and pour it into the baking pan now open the large ingredient package and gently pour it on top remember always put your wet ingredients in the pan first the yeast always goes in last using your finger make an indentation in the flour mix open the small yeast packet and carefully pour the contents into this pocket the yeast must not touch the water early activation of the yeast may give you unsatisfactory results place the baking pan back into the inner casing push the pan down into the casing until it snaps into place now close the lid do not open the lid during the baking process if you open it during baking you will affect the baking temperature and your bread may not turn out as you'd like if you'd like to check the progress of the bread look through the window please don't touch the casing because it becomes hot by the way the window will fog up early in the rising kneading process. This is normal and the condensation will dissipate as the baking continues let's look at the control panel you'll find the select button when you plug the bread man ultimate in the white bread two-pound medium crust setting automatically appears if. This is not the type or size of recipe your baking press select until the type of bread on the display corresponds with the type of bread mix you have use the loaf sighs control button to select the size of low if you were preparing the crust control button allows you to choose light medium or dark crusted bread the rapid settings reduce the time when the dough rests and Rises baking a fresh low more quickly note the control selection may be set for the white whole wheat french fruit and nut or batter bread cycles once you've chosen the program loaf and crust color press Start the display will tell you how much time remains for the bread to finish counting down every 60 seconds the display will also tell you which cycle the machine is currently baking that's it in just a few hours you will have delicious fresh home-baked bread when the bread man is finished baking it will chime remove the loaf pan using a good pair of oven mitts open the lid the machine will still be hot and lift the baking pan out using the handle slide the loaf out onto a cooling rack if you place the loaf directly on a flat unventilated surface the crust will sweat and become soggy if you forget to remove the bread right away don't worry there is an automatic cycle which gradually cools the bread down check the baking pan for the kneading blade if it is missing it is in the bottom of the loaf when the bread has cooled remove it carefully with plastic tongs or a wooden spoon never use metal on the blade or the baking pan. This is a nonstick surface and can be damaged by metal utensils or scouring pads after the bread has cooled about 20 minutes it is ready for slicing for clean slices it is best to use a bread knife with a long serrated cutting edge baking bread from scratch is one of the most rewarding cooking experiences working the dough the aroma of the baking hearth have always been part of human life with today's hectic lifestyles and the bread man baking bread has become easy enough to do every day baking bread is an acquired skill the subtleties of different grains and yeast your altitude and the temperature and humidity of the day all have small effects on the final product some recipes are harder to master but with time and practice anyone can make even the most specialized of breads successfully in this section we will focus on a bread that is helpful and tastes great we will be making an extra-large two-pound loaf of honey whole wheat it is best to lay out all your ingredients in front of you before you start to us assemble them you will need one and one half cups of water for and one quarter cups of 100-percent whole wheat bread flour two teaspoons of sea salt one-half cup of honey one-and-a-half tablespoons way two tablespoons of canola oil and one in three force teaspoons of active yeast remove the baking pan and make sure the kneading blade is in place carefully measure out the water and pour it into the baking pan the water should be about 80 degrees and the rest of the ingredients should be at room temperature add the honey now add the oil canola oil contains no saturated fat and is preferable for healthy breads next using a measuring cup designed for measuring dry ingredients measure out the flower by spooning it into the cup then leveling it with a knife scooping directly with the cup will over pack the flour measure the sea salt and add it to the mixture add the dry milk or weh-weh contains less fat and is a perfect substitute for the dry milk if you can't find it dry skim milk is next best now make an indentation in the top of the flour mixture and place your yeast their return the baking pan into the oven compartment and fit it into place close the lid press the select button until the whole wheat setting number appears then choose your crust color and loaf sighs and press Start now you're done the bread man takes over with less than 10 minutes of prep time and no big messes or cleanups you'll have the best home made bread you've ever baked the bread man ultimate has several other features that make bread making in your home more convenient and flexible than ever delay finish up to 24 hours though only patented extras dispenser batter breads and cakes jams pizza dough waking up to the aroma of fresh bread or cinnamon rolls in the morning used to be limited to special occasions or holidays now the bread man has made it easy to wake up every day to this wonderful pleasure with its delay baking timer you can prepare the ingredients in advance turn the machine on and the bread is ready when you want it up to 24 hours in advance prepare your mix or scratch recipe is demonstrated earlier place the pan into the casing and close the lid select the proper settings for the bread you are making and then with the arrows indicating up and down the amount of time you would like to elapse between now and when you want the bread finished if you'd like bread at 8am tomorrow morning and it's 1030pm push the arrow until nine-thirty appears that's the time difference from 1030pm to 8am as you see the time advances in 10 minute intervals if you depress the button and hold it the time will advance quickly the down arrow will help you adjust the time downward now press start the operation light will go on and the preheat cycle will be indicated the bread man can also help you with other baking chores making rolls or braided breads is possible using the bread man and a conventional oven the bread man will mix need raise your dough and tell you when it's ready to use the dough only feature mix your recipe as we've talked about then select the dough only setting when the machine chimes that the dough is finished remove the pan then remove the dough from the pan form it into the desired shape and bacon a conventional oven according to the recipe in the same way this machine is ready to prepare pizza dough following your favorite recipe the ultimate will mix your dough and have it ready for you to hand roll top and bake in your oven some recipes ask for the addition of fruits nuts herbs and even veggies and cheese if these ingredients are added to early during kneading they can break apart.

The breadman ultimate has a patented extras dispenser for adding these special ingredients prepare the complete recipe omitting the fruit or nuts place the fruit and nuts into the trap door compartment on the top of the lid now select your cycle then press Start next push the extras button and select add extras or no extras ad is for adding those special extras no will shut the dispenser off once the ad selection is made the dispenser will automatically open at the end of kneading cycle too at this time the fruit and nuts will fall free into the bread pan and mix it the optimum moment of the need cycle resulting in a luscious fruit and nut bread you can also use the dispenser with the delay finish timer you can also bake batter breads with the ultimate all types of non yeasted breads such as zucchini carrot or banana breads just measure and add the ingredients select the batter bread cycle on the display then crust color and press Start to top off that perfect slice of freshly baked bread your bread man makes the tastiest of homemade jams simply follow the instructions in the owners manual and let the bread man do all the work the bread man ultimate has a custom program button which allows you to alter the kneading rising and baking times in the pre-programmed cycle this gives you the opportunity to experiment and refine your results based on the type of flower or yeasty we're using it also lets you factor in humidity and room temperature the types of influences which can affect the bread say you have a specially milled flour and you'd like the dough to rest need or proof longer to maximize the flavor or texture of the bread custom program is easy to master simply press the program button after you select the bread the ultimate will cue you step by step perhaps you want to preheat the ingredients for 10 minutes just press the up arrow button until it reaches 10 minutes once. This is done simply press program again and the need one function will appear if the time is ok with you and doesn't need to be adjusted press program and move on to need to if you want time here to decrease you may do.

Your Guide to Healthy Bread Making - Breadman Ultimate Video Manual

By pressing the down arrow until it reaches the desired minutes follow this process through the steps of the cycle adjusting where you wish after all of the steps have been programmed you can also program in extras press extras if you want them and adjust the baking temperature the baking temperature is set to the optimal Fahrenheit temperature for the type of bread.

Adjust with this in mind to finish up press program one last time and the screen will prompt you for save or erase press yes and then start if you're ready to bake press yes if you simply want to program press know if you want to start over don't worry you won't erase the master framework programme it's still in the memory and if you hit erase yes you'll see that the screen returns to the normal cycle times bake only has variable time and variable temperature you can now bake a dough which was pre-made or purchased at the store or perhaps your recipe calls for the dough to rest in the refrigerator for an extended time simply select the amount of time you need to bake up to one hour and 30 minutes then adjust the temperature range from 200 to 375 degrees using the up and down arrows press Start for advanced Baker's the ultimate has five personal recipe memory cells. This means you have five personal memories to program and save for your best favorite recipes again personal recipe lets you be as creative as you need to be if you want the dough to need for 20 minutes d gas for 10 seconds and rise for an hour just programming the numbers if you want to skip a phase press the arrows until you hit 0 then press program and move on to the next phase of the baking program follow the instruction for save a race as with the custom programs if you wish to make filled breads pull apart rolls braided bread score the top of the loaf or add seeds to the crust this can now be done with the bread man Ultimates pause feature it is similar to the pause button on your VCR by pressing down on the pause button for about two seconds the cycle will pause for approximately 10 minutes here is an easy demonstration to make a filled loaf after the second punch down activate the pause function and remove the dough roll the dough into a rectangle covered the dough with sliced sun-dried tomatoes goat cheese basil rosemary and a drizzle of good olive oil for a delicious Mediterranean bread simply roll up the dough tuck in the ends and return to the baking pan push the pause button again and the cycle will restart where you left off by the way if you forget to push pause after 10 minutes have elapsed the bread man will automatically restart where you stopped to add decorative or flavorful toppings to your Lopes crust it isn't even necessary to remove the dough simply pause the machine as shown lift the lid using an oven mitt and baste with olive oil or an egg white wash and top with poppy sesame or caraway seeds or score the dough for a beautiful rustic style crust if during baking your home should lose power or someone pulls the plug the ultimate has an internal backup that picks up baking at the exact spot in the cycle where power was lost if power is not restored within one hour we recommend that you bake another low from scratch as the yeast may have overproofed this guideline should always be followed if your baking with eggs milk butter or cheese cleanup is easy with the bread man if needed wipe out the baking pan with soapy water and a soft sponge again never use scouring pads or metal utensils because they ruin nonstick finishes if you drip something on the unit itself or inside the baking chamber let the Machine cool completely make sure the machine is unplugged then using a damp soft sponge wipe the mess away well there you have it he'll the home bread-making is now at your fingertips we hope you enjoy years of this natural nutrition for you and your family using a broad selection of the finest recipe ingredients you and the breadman are now in charge of your own healthy bakery for more information about this machine or to purchase any of these fine breadman accessories call toll free 1 800 233 9054 or visit our website at

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