Zero Glycemic, Sprouted Almond Butter Spice Cups and Mocha Hearts

Hi everyone I'm raw food chef hi rifka from the living vision calm and although you cannot see him ho diet catch it was sitting right next to me here yeah you can see me well they could see if you stood up but they can't see when you're sitting down so you might see you in a little bit you'll probably hear him um I try to shoot this video a few times now we've got a bit of a tired boy down here he's not wanting to nap but he would be ready for one yeah yeah now we can see you so yeah now we can't see you what we're making here is a sprout on butter spice cup so it's mid-october here um while I'm sending this video and it's just the perfect season the pumpkins are starting to come out on the hard squash we're hearing about pumpkin pies and apple cobblers so I wanted to make a sweet treat on that was zero glycemic and as digestible as possible and had that nice seasonal spice warming flavor to it so that's where I came up with these there's no pumpkin and i think i called them a pumpkin spice cup or something like that on facebook and a lot of people thought that there was going to be pumpkin in it but it's not pumpkin it's just more of a pumpkin pie flavors so if you're interested in making your own sprouted almond butter i also made another video I'm just telling you how I went about doing that and if you don't have the patience to make your own strutted almond butter than by a really good high quality almond butter in the bay area I would recommend trying out living tree community foods almond butter I do some videos for that I love their products and they source all their almonds from California growers which is really cool so anyhow you can find that other video on your own spreader almond butter and what I have here my bowl so far the quarter cup or absent of some extra virgin organic coconut oil that I melted you don't even really need to melt it but it needs to be soft yet stirred in completely so to that I'm going to add a quarter cup equal parts of my almond butter so whether you make your own almond butter or you purchase an almond butter it is just the equal amounts and the other thing about my almond butter is that I add probiotic powder to it so it's actually routed probiotic on another which is really cool yeah so the only sweetener I'm using in this is stevia and the stevia that i have is actually from trader joe's they just have an organic stevia extract which is the pure stevia rebaudiana Robo Dianna and there's nothing else in it so there's lots of Stevie's out there like this powder ski is just pure stevia powder without little entire violence Hall least some of the rcd is out there add things to it to make the flavor different but i'm just using this pure powder now the other ingredients i have so in this cup I have some sea salt some high minimal sea salt stevia and vanilla powder when I originally make that i use some medicine flour vanilla flavor extract and I love love love their flavor extracts I just happened to run out of my vanilla so I'm using it some vanilla powder and then in this book I have oh my spice mix and my spice mix is a valid teaspoon and a half of cinnamon a teaspoon of ginger about quarter teaspoon of nutmeg and about an eighth of a teaspoon khlo so our basic pumpkin hi right and that's all there is to it not just me to mix it together so I'm going to be really gentle because I have this very small cup and change it thanks for enjoying spilling out today I'm going to take this really slow barramundi and when you're done it all mixed together go ahead and get it a little taste just to make sure you have the sweetness and song bamboo like can fight maybe you spice it up a little more nice you can also put a pinch of cayenne really warming but I'm not going to do that facility will want to be loose and he would not like that you just want to make sure that any clumps of your spices are out okay every time you push that you get close to spilling so please try to not push the table okay I think Cody's head popped up because he heard me say taste is that why your head popped up okay now you're talking back down again yeah why you tell me why because we're the Y phase of life big wise constant wise wise wise yeah why why because it is for example okay wow that is so good guys so now i have um candy mold me now they end up yeah see oh he's on top of it now we're going to put it in those so these are my camping the wolfson you could use any candy bowl do you like but I'm using these um I have them set on top of a small cutting board any kind of a platform that will make it easy to lift up up if it's flexible because you don't want you don't want your your batter to spill right so I'm just using this it's about an ounce and a half spoon loan and I'm gonna pour it in there till it gets pretty close to the top just like that one he's trying not to push the table we don't want to do overflow that's enough that's enough stop we're just getting me feel good ray happy yeah okay so there's a little bit left in here and I'll just pour that into a bowl and let that refrigerate and then it'll pop right out easily from like a little one of these little man pimples and you'll see now you know that I have this uh oh my kinky I can lift these up 00 d I actually don't want you to do that please Oh daddy I can lift it up really easily off of my on my cutting board and I'm going to go ahead and stick it in the freezer and then we'll come back and pop them out and doing another one because hoodie really wanted to make some heart-shaped candies and I was reminded that a woman on Facebook really wanted me to make a chocolate version of these so um although you could add all of those spices and chocolate and it would be really nice i'm just doing a pure chocolate version without any spices in it so um okay Odie then I need a spoon so I've got my quarter cup of coconut oil in the bowl I'm adding my quarter cup of almond butter to that and then finally I've got um my stevia my sea salt and if you look below there should be recipe down there for exactly the amounts of everything that I used and then I've got four pretty full tablespoons the cow powder now we're just going to stir this up just like we did the other and I want to make sure that there are no clumps of chocolate it should just be nice smooth batter base the one thing that I forgot here was just a little bit of vanilla so I'm just pinching them in but I would probably do about a quarter teaspoon please stir that together really thank you gently gently gently and that's the milk powder you can use a couple drops of medicine flour vanilla flavor extract you could put some peppermint in here or some cayenne pepper or ginger and actually I have a little medicine flowers coffee flavor extracts so i think i'm going to make a little mocha chocolate did you just put that right in your mouth yeah okay well yeah well lil b's for the family okay now let me finish stirring that you're not supposed to put that straight into NOS ok you wait until we have them to know so i just put a couple drops of the medicine flour coffee flavor extract in there give this one more taste here you can taste it like that but we don't lick the spoon and then put the screw back mmm the coffee that's so good okay so we're done with that part now we're just going to pour it into our mold i won so we're going to put our molds I'm through this tray so that we have a nice solid base and then this one use my tablespoon and pour it slowly two are more fools like artful with you because you wanted the Cardinals didn't shoot one another fun idea is if you want to do half and half if you fill your other mold only half way with the spice cup and then freeze that and then come back and fill it the rest of the way with the chocolate you'll have a nice spice flavor with the chocolate and you'll also have a really fun um look to your cup you know with it being half dark and half light okay right yeah that would be fun I don't have any more mold right here right now but I'm going to put these into the freezer and we'll see if our other cups are ready okay guys are our cups and our hearts are done or spice cups and chocolate hearts and once there it took about 10 15 minutes for them to firm up i'm just going to flip it over and then pop it on out Oh looks like our hearts aren't quite done yet so I'll pop one out see if that works and then got one popped out I'm gonna stick these back in and these cups should be done though they were in for quite a bit longer so let's see here we go oops you're done so there we have our little hearts and our cups and they're delicious they don't last out of the fridge for very long they are melty so I would keep them refrigerated and head container and just pull them out as you want them and if you're going to serve them at a party or something like that then bring them out of the fridge serve them and then i would put them back otherwise they'll get pretty soft unless you're outside and it happens to be cold so they're kind of a freezer fudge or refrigerator fudge and they're delicious if you happen to do chocolate dipping you could dip these into chocolate and they'd be great you can use it for any variation of flavors and put little goodies in there if you're into that um and that's about it just have fun with it enjoy it share it with your friends and family it's zero glycemic sprouted probiotic really good sweet treats for those of you who are on that path so once again I'm raw food chef I rifka thank you for joining me and we will see you again where they soon I
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