Zero SR: How To Adjust Your Belt

In this video I'm going to show you guys how to adjust the belt on a zero motorcycle.

The tools you're going to need are a breaker bar with a 27 millimeter socket on it a 13 millimeter open end spanner and it's all grounds because you're going to have to talk everything out the spec once you're done you're also going to need this belt tension gauge it's a cricket belt tension gauge I got it off Amazon for like 12 bucks.

It's definitely worth having if you have a zero motorcycle and you know you want to keep up with the belt maintenance as you can see mine is pretty loose just by eye.

I'm going to check the tension and see what is that.

Zero SR: How To Adjust Your Belt

This gauge works is you put it on the belt and then you put your finger on this little white piece and you push up until you hear it click and you'll see this little black piece pushed out and where intersects the gauge is your measurement.

As you can see it's at about 15 kilos and it should be about 25 since my belts loose I have to grab the wheel and pull it back.

To do that you have to loosen the axle nut which is on the other side and then you have to adjust these little the adjusters I guess yeah I'll show you how to do that now.

On the other side here is the axle nut and you want to get your 27 millimeter on breaker bar and put that on you really don't need to loosen it this much once you loosen this nut you can rotate this nut to adjust the wheel out and China just the other side the same amount belt tension is looking a lot better but make sure you check out the gaze just to make sure 25 kilos perfect. All right, tighten it all back up and make sure you align the wheel correctly by matching these markings on both sides and then make sure you toss the axle nut to 75 foot pounds or 102 you need meters.

There you go simple as that now just go for a ride thanks for watching and see you guys next time.

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